Welcome to Woodeco Ltd, your trusted source for Acoustic Wood and Composite Slat Wall Panels, as well as top-quality WPC materials across Canada.

Our panels do more than just enhance the aesthetics of your space and provide superior acoustic performance – they are a testament to our unwavering commitment to environmentally friendly materials. Every component is meticulously selected from certified sustainable sources, resulting in a product that’s not only eco-friendly but also environmentally responsible.

At Woodeco, we’re dedicated to creating exceptional products for contemporary individuals like you, transforming your favourite spaces with a seamless blend of style and superior acoustics. Count on us to deliver a harmonious fusion of design and sustainability.

Our Range of Premium Wall Panels

At Woodeco, our commitment to quality extends beyond Acoustic Wood Slat Wall Panels. We offer a diverse range of premium wall panel solutions that are designed to elevate any modern space.

Our wall and ceiling panels feature expert craftsmanship and premium materials. Whether it’s veneered lamella strips or composite options, our slatted wall panels are engineered for enduring style.

With easy DIY installation, these panels instantly transform your bedroom, living room, or office into a refined, modern space. Discover the essence of contemporary design with Woodeco’s premium panel solutions.

Committed to Quality Excellence

At Woodeco, our primary goal is to create valuable assets for your projects by leveraging innovations, modern environmentally friendly materials, and cutting-edge designs.

We take immense pride in our consistent delivery of high-quality products and unwavering commitment to providing exceptional customer service every single day. Your satisfaction is at the heart of our mission to provide quality results.

Team of Experts

At Woodeco, our dedicated customer support team operates as a tightly integrated unit, continuously exceeding our clients’ expectations.
With extensive experience, we specialize in guiding customers through every step of their journey, from determining the optimal number of panels for their projects to selecting the perfect sizes and colour options.
We are committed to delivering a seamless and enjoyable experience, ensuring that every interaction with us leaves you fully satisfied.