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Elevate Your Space with Eco-Friendly Acoustic Wood Slat Wall Panels!

Discounted Walnut Acoustic Wood Slat Wall Panels - Enhance Your Space Affordably
Wood paneling for every space

Discover top-quality Wood Slat Panel solutions tailored to elevate your indoor and outdoor environments.

Discounted Natural Oak Acoustic Wood Slat Wall Panels - Stylish and Affordable
Discover the elegance of Wooden Slat Wall panels - perfect for accent walls and interior design.

What you need to know about Wooden Slat Wall panels in Edmonton

  • Elegant, slick and modern design.
  • Enhances sound absorption in Edmonton spaces.
  • Made with real wood veneer providing colour and grain variations of natural wood.
  • Improves interior design possibilities – excellent wall and ceiling finishing material.
  • Offers endless decoration ideas for any room in your Edmonton home or office.

Advantages of Slatted Wood Panel

Transform your space with Class A Sound Absorption panels for superior acoustics.
Experience the difference with Class A Sound Absorption panels – the ultimate solution for poor acoustics.
Class A Sound Absorption

Struggling with poor acoustics in your Edmonton room? The acoustical panels are sound dampening and when installing them on walls or the ceiling, they will absorb the sound waves and remove reverberation. Our panels will reach a Class A rating when you install mineral wool behind the panels.

Made from sustainable materials

We want to help protecting the environment. That is why our acoustical felt is made from recycled plastic and all the wood we use comes from sustainable forestry. We’re committed to ensuring that the forests in and around Edmonton can replenish more trees than we use.

Easy and fast instalment

Our products are simple and very easy to install. This translates to significant time savings for professionals and makes it an ideal ‘Do-It-Yourself’ project for private customers in Edmonton.

Acoustic Wood Slat Wall & Ceiling Panels in Edmonton

What Our Clients Say

Travis Y.
Great experience working with the guys to bring our vision to life. Always willing to take on a project no matter the scale. Entire process from consultation, ordering materials to installation was a breeze and professional. Quality of work was amazing as well.
Diane J
We are very happy with our new acoustic wall. Alex had great suggestions as to placement/design, he went above and beyond to coordinate the ideas and ordering. They first had suggested installers based. In Edmonton, but travel added to cost. Neil from Calgary did an excellent job, he brought the outlets forward, and the trim really finishes the look.
Eric A.
Had an outstanding experience with WoodEco, especially thanks to Alex's incredible service and support. The process of installing our WPC faux wood panels was seamless from start to finish. These panels, generously provided by Alex, became a key feature of our new livestream set, fitting our needs perfectly. Their lightweight design and ease of installation made the whole process a breeze. Highly recommend WoodEco for anyone looking to enhance their space with high-quality, eco-friendly solutions.
nicole P.
Great looking panels! Gives a nice contemporary updated look to wall. Easy install process. Accommodating transaction/communication. Just need to find more walls to cover! Would purchase again.
Kevin T.
The team at Woodco was very knowledgeable and they have an amazing product with a surprisingly great price! Would definitely recommend, my project was a success!
Viktor N.
I've used Woodeco for my small renovation project. It was a pleasure dealing with Alex. He was prompt and professional. I definitely recommend this company as well as I'll use it for future purchases for wooden acoustic panels.

Create beautiful slat walls and ceilings with our Panels.

Discount for Contractors and Designers in Edmonton

Amaze your Family and Friends with our modern and sustainably produced products.

Installation Guide

Learn how to create a beautiful wood slated wall or ceiling with Our Panels. We’ll show you how to install it – step by step.

Discover the Benefits of Our Panels - Improve Acoustics in Your Space
Say goodbye to bad acoustics with our panels – learn more today!

Learn More About Panels

Wave goodbye to bad acoustics in your Edmonton space! When you use Our Panels on the ceiling or walls, your drastically improves the acoustical environment. 

Enhance Ambience with WoodEco LED-Strip Channels - Edmonton Home Lighting Solutions

WOODECO LED-Strip Channel

Transform your Edmonton home’s ambience with WoodEco LED-strip channels, seamlessly integrating into your acoustical wall for an exclusive and captivating expression. It will bring a cozy and pleasant atmosphere to your favourite room, creating the perfect setting for relaxation and comfort.

Key Features:

  • Seamlessly integrate WoodEco LED-strip channels into your acoustical wall, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your Edmonton home.
  • Easy installation with screws, ensuring a secure and long-lasting placement.
  • Our WoodEco LED-strip channels are designed to meet high safety standards, providing peace of mind.
  • Complete package includes all necessary components for a hassle-free installation.

Elevate your home’s ambience with WoodEco LED-strip channels and create a personalized and inviting space in Edmonton and beyond.

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