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Transform your space with Acoustic Wood Slat Panels. Improve acoustics for a modern, healthy environment on walls or ceilings.
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Product information

The Acoustic Panels work to remove reverberation drastically improving the acoustics within the space. Install Acoustic Panels on your wall or on your ceiling in order to create a modern and healthy space for you and the people around you.

Materials and maintenance

Our Acoustic Panels are made from sustainable and recycled materials. The felt backing is made from recycled plastic.  The slats are made from MDF – medium density fiberboard (a recycled wood product), with a surface (face) made from sustainably harvested wood veneer. Clean it using a dust broom, a vacuum cleaner or a hard-wrung cloth.

Size & dimensions

The full-size Acoustic Panels come in two variations: the 8FT tall panel measures 94.488″ x 23.622″, while the 9FT tall panel measures 106.299″ x 23.622″. These panels feature wooden slats that are 1.06″ in width, with a 0.511″ gap between each slat. They are affixed to a base constructed from recycled plastic acoustic felt, which is 0.354″ in thickness. Consequently, the combined thickness of the Acoustic Panels stands at 0.866″, accounting for both the slats and felt. Each 8FT tall panel weighs approximately 27-30lbs.

Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 96 × 24 × 0.87 in
Size options

2FT x 8FT, 2FT x 9FT

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