Carbon BambooFusion Panels


Introducing Carbon BambooFusion Panels

4FT x 10FT

of eco-friendly innovation. Made from Bamboo powder and durable plastic, with a sleek PVC face layer and protective carbon coating. Easy to work with, cut, and bend. Sustainable, versatile, and stunning marble finish. Ideal for any application. Includes aluminum trim for a seamless look.
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Product information

Experience the future of interior design with Carbon BambooFusion Panels, a cutting-edge material that effortlessly blends sustainability with style. Measuring a generous 4FT x 10FT, these panels are crafted from a unique mixture of Bamboo powder, robust plastic, and composite glue.

The front face boasts a sleek PVC layer, providing a smooth, polished appearance, while a protective carbon film layer on top ensures lasting durability. Meanwhile, the back features a thin PVC layer that complements the panel’s overall lightweight construction.

One of the standout features of Carbon BambooFusion Panels is their remarkable ease of use. Unlike traditional materials that demand specialized tools, these panels can be effortlessly cut with any standard saw. Their resistance to chipping adds an extra layer of convenience, making them ideal for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.

What truly sets these panels apart is their flexibility. You can bend them around corners or create curved designs by making relief cuts on the back surface. This adaptability opens up a world of design possibilities for your space.

Carbon BambooFusion Panels are more than just beautiful; they’re environmentally responsible too. As a sustainable material, they contribute to a greener future, making them an excellent choice for Eco-conscious projects.

The stunning marble finish option provides a luxurious alternative to real marble slabs without compromising on aesthetics. To complete the look seamlessly, each panel comes with aluminum trim for use in both corners and between panels.

With Carbon BambooFusion Panels, the only limit is your imagination. Elevate your interior design with this versatile, sustainable, and strikingly beautiful product.

Weight 48 lbs
Dimensions 119 × 48 × 0.32 in

Black Marble, Grey Marble, White Marble, White Continuous Marble, English Walnut, Dark Walnut, Brown Oak, White Oak, White Wall Fabric