Woodeco Contractors Discount

Do Contractors or Designers Get a Discount?

There are a few different ways to take advantage of discounts offered by Woodeco Ltd. for contractors. Depending upon what quantity being purchased. We offer a discounts that contractors can take advantage of every day.

Volume Discount Pricing – For contractors spending $1,500 or more on our Wooden Slat Wall Panels for a project, Woodeco offers their Volume Discount Program. This program helps contractors by reducing prices for Acoustic Slat Panels purchased in large quantities on bigger jobs or projects. Contractors can combine orders from various projects or from other contractors to receive the discount. By submitting the Form online in advance, a contractor can get approved for discounts up to 20%.

Free Shipping Program – In addition to the above discounting offer, Woodeco also has a Free Shipping program for all orders 4 + Wood Slat Panels. Think about how much time, money and frustration is saved by having the folks at Woodeco drop off the Acoustic panels rather than having to send someone (or two) to go pick it up at our showroom location and bring it all back to the job site. More than just the cost savings is the convenience and peace of mind letting Woodeco take charge of getting what you need where you need it.

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