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Elevate your space with FoamLux Panels. These soft panels, proudly made in Canada, are your ticket to versatile and stylish wall decor. Crafted from dense foam, quality furniture fabrics, and sturdy OSB plywood backing, FoamLux Panels offer exceptional sound absorption, warmth, and a touch of luxury.
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Introducing FoamLux Panels, your gateway to transforming spaces with sound absorption, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. Crafted with care and precision in Canada, these soft panels are designed to not only elevate your decor but also enhance your acoustic experience.

Materials and Construction:

FoamLux Panels are built with dense foam cores for optimal sound absorption, encapsulated in premium furniture fabrics that blend durability with style. The backing consists of sturdy OSB plywood, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Customizable Sizes: Choose from 5 universal sizes to suit various applications:

Size #1: 11.5 inches wide by 24 inches
Size #2: 11.5 inches wide by 46 inches
Size #3: 22 inches wide by 22 inches
Size #4: 22 inches wide by 46 inches
Size #5: 22 inches wide by 96 inches
Size #6: Customized size.

Exceptional Thickness:

At 1.5 inches thick, these panels deliver the perfect balance of sound control and plush aesthetics.

Versatile Applications:

FoamLux Panels are designed to fit seamlessly into residential and commercial spaces. Whether it’s a home theatre, a cozy bedroom, a bustling office, or a chic cafe, these panels offer both style and acoustic comfort.

Warmth and Luxury:

The foam core provides an inviting softness that adds warmth to your space. It’s a luxurious touch that transforms rooms into comfortable havens.

Custom Creations:

If the standard sizes don’t quite fit your vision, we offer customization options. Create panels that match your unique design aspirations perfectly.

Proudly Canadian:

We take immense pride in crafting FoamLux Panels in Canada, ensuring top-notch quality and adherence to the highest standards.

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Size options

11.5in X 24in, 11.5in X 46in, 22in X 22in, 22in X 46in, 22in X 96in


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